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Tips to help you understand your additional product options.

Additional products and services to protect your new ride from the inside out.

Purchasing or leasing a new vehicle is always exciting, and Stellantis Financial Services has a few tips to help you navigate the products and services available (although not required) at the time of purchase or lease. Items of this nature can range from specific OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) add-ons that protect your vehicle (e.g., all-weather floor mats, cargo trays, paint protection film) or suit your lifestyle (e.g., side steps, bed liners, lift kits, trailer hitches), to maintenance plans, and GAP waivers that can be highly beneficial during an unforeseen event such as a vehicle accident (new or pre-owned vehicles).

Take your time and ask questions.

Ask questions. After all, they want you to have a great dealership experience and drive away in a vehicle that truly suits your needs. Take the time to go over all the features, advantages, and benefits of the vehicle as well as any “add-on” products or services available. OEM products installed by Mopar® certified technicians are important to ensure proper maintenance with parts made to your vehicle’s specifications, especially while under the manufacturer’s warranty. It also helps you get the optimum performance and longevity out of your vehicle.


Mopar is the global name for Stellantis genuine parts and authentic accessories.

A simple combination of the words MOtor and PARts, Mopar offers exceptional service, parts and customer-care. Born in 1937 as the name of a line of antifreeze products, Mopar has evolved over more than 85 years to represent both complete vehicle care and authentic performance for owners and enthusiasts worldwide.

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Mopar made its mark in the 1960s during the muscle-car era with performance parts to enhance speed and handling for both on-road and racing use. Later, Mopar expanded to include technical service and customer support, and today integrates service, parts and customer-care operations in order to enhance customer and dealer support worldwide.

Complete information on Mopar is available at

Products and services that keep you moving while protecting your investment:


Mopar® Vehicle Protection is factory-backed mechanical protection beyond your vehicle’s factory warranty. It is available through your local FCA US dealer with options for new and pre-owned vehicles, as well as lease vehicles. Be sure to inquire about all options available so you can consider the potential long-term savings when investing in this type of coverage up-front rather than later.


MVP extended warranties offer the most comprehensive mechanical coverage. Maximum Care covers over 8000 mechanical components. MVP offers plans with various term and mileage options to customize a plan to your ownership experience. Plans are accepted at all FCA US LLC dealerships. See below for a comparison of coverage:

Basic Protection
Better Protection
Best Protection
Powertrain Care PlusSM
Added Care PlusSM
Maximum CareSM
Air Conditioning
Power Group
Engine Cooling & Fuel
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Luxury Group
Anti-Lock Brakes
Expanded Electrical
Body Mechanisms
Manual Interior
Safety and Security
Full Mechanical


  • Lease Wear and Tear provides protection for a variety of interior and exterior wear and tear charges, audio equipment damage, excess tire wear, and more.
  • Lease Protect provides for paintless dent repair, protection against windshield cracks, interior items, tire and rim damage caused by road hazards, and key fob repair or replacement.
  • Platinum Lease is comprehensive coverage that includes mechanical, car rental, towing, Roadside Assistance, key fob repair and replacement, Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection, Auto Appearance Care, plus oil changes and tire rotations every 5,000 miles.

Is it possible to add the cost of Mopar® Vehicle Protection to my lease or loan payment? Yes, but this can only be done at the time you lease or purchase your vehicle, subject to the approval of your lease or loan provider. If you purchase your Mopar® Vehicle Protection after you purchase or lease your vehicle, you cannot add the cost of Mopar® Vehicle Protection to your lease or loan payment. In that case, you can consider our interest-free payment plan as an alternative. FAQs | Mopar Vehicle Protection


Mopar® Vehicle Protection Guaranteed Automotive Protection (GAP) is not insurance. It is a waiver that addresses exactly what the name implies; the "financial gap" between what you owe on your vehicle and what your insurance will pay in unforeseen events such as theft, or an auto accident. By purchasing GAP at the time of your vehicle purchase, you may end up having some or all of the gap amount (remaining balance) waived in the event of a total loss.

Be sure to ask your dealership’s finance manager about terms and coverage limitations or exclusions that may apply (i.e., late fees, delinquent, deferred, or skipped payments, fraudulent or illegal acts such as DUI, etc.).

For more detailed information regarding GAP, visit the following link: Guaranteed Auto Protection (New Vehicles) - Mopar Vehicle Protection


Primary insurance assessment of vehicle market value at the time of total loss - $19,000

Primary insurance deductible - $1,000

Market Value of Vehicle less Primary Insurance Deductible - $18,000

Outstanding finance agreement balance at the time of total loss, assuming all payments were made on time - $23,000

Potential amount you owe = $5,000

Waived by GAP - $5,000

Out-of-pocket expenses with GAP - $0


Mopar® Vehicle Protection Essential Care plans provide great savings on one of the best things you can do for your vehicle, and it’s so easy with regularly scheduled oil changes. Clean oil helps reduces heat and friction between engine components while keeping your engine clean by delivering dust and debris to the engine oil filter. Get to know your dealership’s service department and inquire about bundled plans to save money on the right oil plan that suits your vehicle and driving habits.


Think back to a time when you may have been driving down the road and ran over a pothole unexpectedly or got too close to a curb and ended up with damage to a tire. These common occurrences can slow you down or bring your mobility to a halt. The Mopar® Road Hazard Tire and Wheel plan has several benefits with a zero-dollar deductible per repair per visit and full repair or replacement coverage for all four tires and wheels (OEM and aftermarket).

*Aftermarket parts are made by companies other than the OEM and may void a warranty. They are usually mass-produced and may or may not be an exact fit to your vehicle’s make/model specifications.


Auto Appearance Care is a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process that keeps your vehicle looking great by treating minor damages( i.e., dents or dings where paint has not been broken) without repainting or adding body fillers. Available for terms from one to five years.

*Auto Appearance Care Plus (Auto Appearance Care + Windshield, Carpet, and Floor, Interior Trim and Upholstery)
**Contact your FCA US dealership or a nearby Mopar® service department for details, coverages, or limitations that may apply.


Everyone at some point and time seems to lose track of their keys, and sometimes we cannot find them altogether. If this happens, you could rest easy with one of the following plans that have provisions for this common occurrence.

Mopar® Accessories

Original high-quality parts and accessories designed to specification for your vehicle.

Accessories cover a multitude of products that not only help you express the ultimate in style and appearance, but also cover such categories as performance, storage, trailering, security, and much more. Some of these items may be available at the time of vehicle purchase and classified as an “add-on” through the service department, or they may be purchased separately after the fact. When you visit the dealership, be sure to inquire about any possible additions for the make/model you selected. Ask questions regarding your warranty as it pertains to any additional products. Your salesperson may even know of a specific trim level that addresses exactly what you want without the need for an “add-on” at the time of purchase.

As they say in the world of Mopar®, “If we build it. We back it.” For additional information about Mopar® Products and Services, visit your FCA US dealership or browse the Mopar website.

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