Up-front Education for Your End-of-Lease Experience

A great lease experience begins by understanding your end-of-lease options.

Sometimes a great adventure starts by looking down the road to see where you want to be and knowing what to expect when you arrive. Leasing a vehicle is just like that, a predictable yet freeing experience.

As a Stellantis Financial Services (SFS) lease customer, your predictable yet freeing experience has the added value of a team that believes in going the extra mile to ensure you know exactly what to expect when the lease term ends.

Customers empowered with the knowledge of what to expect throughout the life of their lease are more apt to fully enjoy the rewards of a “smart money” decision such as vehicle leasing. After all, who wouldn’t want the advantages of driving the latest style and most technologically up-to-date model minus the worries of maintenance costs an older car may require?

120-180 days from lease end. Let’s start planning!

A stress-free lease-end experience starts with planning ahead. You can expect to receive an end of lease package in the mail from SFS when you are 180 days from lease end. This will contain important information about your end of lease.

Once you are closer to 120 days from you lease end, the SFS Lease Team will reach out to help guide you through the process, share the latest vehicle information, review end-of-lease options, and inform you of any available new vehicle incentives. This will allow plenty of time for you to weigh your options, schedule a few test drives with your dealership, and experience the latest version of what you are currently leasing or any other Stellantis vehicles you may be considering. Keep in mind that your needs may be different than they were at the beginning of your current Stellantis lease, and Stellantis has a model that suits every lifestyle and dream you have.

Consider what features you prefer in a vehicle, schedule your final test drive, and enjoy your Stellantis vehicle. The following ideas can help get you started:

1.) How many miles do you drive?

a. annually

b. monthly

c. weekly

2.) Type of travel

a. highway miles

b. inner city “stop-and-go” traffic


a. recreation

b. work

c. daily driver

1.) Safety

a. adaptive cruise control

b. electronic stability control

2.) Performance

a. engine

b. handling abilities

3.) Appearance

a. sporty

b. classic

4.) Convenience

a. remote keyless entry

b. remote start

5.) Fuel efficiency

a. high mileage

b. hybrid

c. all-electric vehicle

Perhaps you might even consider a new type of vehicle that you haven’t driven before such as a truck, Jeep®, minivan, SUV, or muscle car. You may even take this opportunity to try out a Hybrid or EV. Either way, you have options, and you know what to expect.

That’s peace of mind, and that’s always a great feeling!

90 days from lease end:

You have options! Decide which option works best for you. If you are still undecided at this point, remember, we’re in this together. You can count on SFS to ensure you have all the resources to make the best decision based on your current needs.

Lease a new vehicle:
Talk with your dealership about leasing options, upgrading to a newer version of the same make and model, or trying something new in the Stellantis vehicle lineup.

Did you know? Stellantis has a vehicle for any occasion - luxury, work, play, or everyday life. AND…Loyalty matters! SFS will waive the turn-in fee and up to $500 for excess wear & tear for loyal customers.1
Purchase your lease vehicle:
You may purchase your lease vehicle. To obtain a payoff quote, call SFS Customer Care at 1-800-439-0985. You will need to include a completed and signed odometer disclosure statement with your payoff check to process the lease purchase. You can locate this form by contacting your local Stellantis dealership.
Return your lease vehicle:
Return your lease vehicle to a Stellantis dealer and pay the remaining lease obligations, if any. You will need to obtain a completed vehicle return receipt from the dealership for your records.

60 days from lease end:

As you reach 60 days from your maturity date, eliminate any unpleasant surprises by reviewing your lease agreement for mileage allowance, additional mileage charges, and any other applicable lease-end responsibilities. Additionally, reach out to your Stellantis dealership for more information about our standards for excess wear and the expected condition of the vehicle at end of the lease. This will help you prepare for any possible repairs or maintenance needed while avoiding extra charges that could appear on a vehicle return invoice, such as:

  • turn-in fee2
  • payments
  • excess miles
  • excess wear1
  • late charges3
  • taxes4

Note: The above items are not necessarily applicable to all lease contracts. See disclaimer at the end of this document for more information on these bulleted items.

30 days from lease end:

Lastly, when you have 30 days left on your lease, if you haven't already, notify SFS of your end-of-lease plans so we can better serve you and ensure a smooth end of lease process. If you are replacing your current lease with a new one, schedule an appointment with your Stellantis Dealership to return your lease and pick up your new vehicle. If you are purchasing your lease, refer to the above payoff instructions one last time to ensure timely processing of the payoff.

1 Loyalty matters! SFS will waive up to $500 for excess wear & tear for loyal customers (defined as a customer who finances the purchase or lease of a new Stellantis vehicle through SFS within 90 days of returning a previous SFS lease).
2 Turn-in fee waived if leasing or financing a new Stellantis vehicle through SFS.
3 Other amounts due may include past-due payments, late charges, tolls, parking tickets, etc.
4 Taxes related to specific charges stated above as well as vehicle property taxes (depends on state).

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