Seasonal Car Maintenance!

Increase fuel efficiency, ensure safer road trips, and optimize engine performance.

Spring is here!

We start looking forward to fresh air, blossoming landscapes, and weekend adventures with friends and family. Times like these are meant for making memories, and waiting in a service lineup for preventable maintenance is not what most folks have in mind. Don't let something easily preventable stop the fun. By scheduling your vehicle's regular maintenance ahead of the season, you'll be able to keep the adventures rolling.

Regular maintenance, vehicle longevity, and savings.

Before you embark on any adventure, you'll want to make sure that your vehicle's tire pressure and fluids are at the proper level. Tires with too much or too little pressure can decrease fuel economy and traction. Fluids are also among the top items to check since they are responsible for reducing friction among working parts, preventing corrosion, maintaining weather tolerance, and more. Other items of importance are hoses and filters to keep your engine clear of dust, dirt, and debris that eventually get clogged. This will cut down on performance and fuel efficiency. Different vehicles will require different services at specified intervals. Your owner's manual provides the recommended maintenance schedule for your particular make and model, plus a few other tools that make taking care of your ride quick, easy, and convenient.

We know your time is valuable, and every second counts. A well-maintained vehicle ensures reliability and peace of mind so you can embrace the open road and create great memories along the way.

Schedule your seasonal maintenance today!

Mopar® and Stellantis provide convenient tools to help you stay on top of maintenance throughout the life of your vehicle. One convenient sign-in takes care of access to your owner’s site, branded app, Mopar e-Store, and connected services.

  • Register at to obtain records and resources, including your vehicle's health report. Once registered you will have a personalized dashboard with information on warranties, owner’s manual, service records, service scheduling feature, and more!
  • Stellantis vehicle apps available for each make and model (all information in one place, plus service scheduling).
  • How to schedule service and get ready for spring and summer travel: Mopar® Services | Oil, Tires, Brakes & More | Mopar®
  • Explore the Mopar e-store to shop authentic OEM parts and accessories.
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